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Mrs C M Jones
Friars Park Farm,

Telephone: (0044) 01244 851333 or 07952 414775

Bunbury Cotonester

Sire: Bunbury Satinwood

Dam: Bunbury Cashmere


by Bunbury Mahogany



Multiple WPCS Bronze medal winner.

Wins too many to mention.


Second twice at Royal Welsh in two year old  filly class and Senior Mare class

Bunbury Filligree

Sire:Millcroft Beluga

Dam: Bunbury Forgetmenot

By Bunbury Satinwood



Shown making her debut in broodmare class at RWAS 2016  -placed 4th.


Multiple winner in youngstock classes


WPCS Bronze Medal Winner Tudor Rose WPCA Summer show 2016




1st.  Great Yorkshire Show

2nd Junior Mare Royal Cheshire Show

1st Royal Lancashire




1st. Silver Medal winner Flint & Denbigh.



Bunbury Sapphire

Sire:   Bunbury Mahogany

Dam:   Millcroft Seraphin

By:   Brockwell Prince Charming


WPCS Bronze Medal Winner


Foal shown by

Millcroft Thriller


Bunbury Magic Moon

Sire: Bunbury Mahogany

Dam: Brockwell Muslin

By: Brockwell Cobweb


(sadly no longer with us)

Bunbury Confetti

Sire: Bunbury Mahogany

Dam: Pencot Clematis

(sadly no longer with us)

Needs no introduction - many times Champion & WPCS Medal Winner






Bunbury Charlotte


Sire:   Bunbury Mahogany

Dam:   Pencot Clematis

By:   Towy Valley Metro


Many times Champion


WPCS Silver & Bronze Medal Winner


Champion Three Counties as a three year old



Bunbury Charlotte


Cottrell Sara


Roan Mare


Sire:  Cwrtcadno Cadfridog


Dam: Cottrell Sunflower


Full sister to Mintfield Songthrush - Champion RWAS


photo taken with her 2017 Filly foal by Bunbury Satinwood






Bunbury Clematis

Sire: Bunbury Mahogany

Dam: Pencot Clematis

by: Towy Valley Metro

Bunbury Clematis

bought back into the stud after a short absence in 2005 to rejoin her other 5 full sisters




Bunbury Forgetmenot

Sire: Bunbury Satinwood

Dam: Bunbury Fleur

By: Bunbury Mahogany

photo taken June 2017

WPCS Bronze medal winner 2004. Champion WPCS Medal Winner NCPA Derbyshire Festival 2006.



Bunbury Creme Brulee

Sire:   Bunbury Figaro

Dam:   Bunbury Crinoline

By:   Bunbury Mahogany


Many times Champion.


WPCS Bronze Medal Winner

(shown as a three year old)




Bunbury Samba



Sire: Bunbury Mahogany

Dam: Millcroft Seraphin

Sire:  Brockwell Prince Charming





Millcroft Seraphin





Sire:   Brockwell PrinceCharming
Dam:   Millcroft Serena
By: Aston LoveKnot





Bunbury Savannah


Sire:  Bunbury Figaro  

Dam:  Bunbury Sapphire

Sire:  Bunbury Mahogany

Photographed here at the Royal Welsh 2011 – her colt foal won the Colt Foal Class



Bunbury Peekaboo



Sire:  Bunbury Satinwood


Dam:  Bunbury Puss


By:  Bunbury Mahogany



WPCS Bronze Medal winner

(Photo as a two year old )

photo taken May 2017

Bunbury Silhouette

Sire:   Telynau Royal Ascot

Dam:   Bunbury Saffron

By:   Bunbury Figaro


Daughter - Bunbury Sugar Plum by Millcroft Beluga - Retained

photo taken June 2017



Bunbury Phoebe


2008 Chestnut Filly

Sire:  Bunbury Satinwood

Dam:  Bunbury Porcelain  

Sire:  Bunbury Figaro


Wins to date: 2010 -

5 first prizes,

2 Reserve Youngstock Championships,

1 Youngstock Championship,

1 Section Champion



(photo taken with 2017 Millcroft Thriller Filly Foal)


Bunbury Cartoosh

Sire:  Bunbury Satinwood
Dam:  Bunbury Cashmere
Sire:  Bunbury Mahogany    

Full sister to

Bunbury Cotonester placed 2nd Senior mare class

RWAS 2011





photo taken June 2017

Telynau Gabriella


Sire:  Laithehill Allegro

Dam:  Sup Ch. Telynau Royal                      Gala


shown with 2014 colt foal

Cae'r Delyn Guadiola by

Bunbury Goodwood


Owned By Tom Jones



photo taken July 2016




Millcroft Isis


Sire:  Thornwood Royalist

Dam:  Millcroft Penny Lane


Owned by Tom Jones

Photo to follow

Millcroft Rosa Mundi



Millcroft Royal Lustre



Tricula Rosie Wren


owned by Tom Jones




photo takenm May 2017






Sire:  Bunbury Figaro

Dam:  Bunbury Charlottte



DOB 2015


Winner Warrington Show 2017



Bunbury Felicity


Sire:  Millcroft Thriller


Dam:  Bunbury Forgetmenot


DOB  2016.